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Phoenix Surfacing
Back in 1991, a small tarmac surfacing company had a small single office at KBP which specialised in roofing materials. 21 years later Phoenix Surfacing now employs a team of nearly 50 skilled professionals, purchased KBP along the way and still has 6 staff that started 21 years ago too. The others had never left, just retired!
The one thing they don’t have is equipment that is 21 years old as the company has always invested in machinery and indeed people to maintain quality and efficiency.
KBP Trade Counter
It is also a member of the Institute of Asphalt Technology and takes an active interest in supporting the industry through its membership.
Along the way, many things have changed.
The original paving machine, affectionately known as "Bessie", cost £70,000.00. Last year the company acquired Bessie Mk II at a cost of almost £180,000.00. Fuel in those days was just over £2 a gallon and now it is more than double that amount.
Surfacing products are evolving and today there are more specialist surfacing materials like rubber crumb for playgrounds, resin bound surfacing, stone mastic asphalts and this is set to evolve.
Phoenix Truck
Europe has had an impact too. Names of products have changed as the British Standards Institute and The European Commission have harmonised the industry across the continent. So it is not only Marathon that became a Snicker.
The biggest impact on the industry has been the evolvement of health and safety legislation which has aided in making the surfacing industry more professional, whilst weeding out those who don’t.
Phoenix Surfacing has not stood still in the past 21 years. Apart from continual investment in new equipment, they have ensured all their staff are trained and hold a CSCS Card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). It is part of their commitment to investment in plant, machinery and people.
The company is integrated into the digital world and can remember the times when you needed a bag full of change for the phone box, but now the teams have the mobile technology to stay in touch and remain nimble at all times.
Today, Phoenix takes nothing for granted; loyalty cannot be relied upon even though, within its customer base, it still has clients from 21 years ago. In an ever changing environment and a competitive industry, where relationship building is more difficult as people move on and business change, it shows that a good reputation and a name for quality can still count.
Asked about the future and the next 21 years, Joint Managing Director, Alistair Lauder said, "It will be about
maintaining a competitive professional service and ensuring we are able to deliver what our clients demand, as the company has consistanly maintained over the past 21 years".
Alistair Lauder
One thing the company has maintained throughout is a strong interest in the local community. For 21 years it has supported
The Lighthouse Club which provides support for construction workers and their families.

It also ran the schools community project in 2011 which saw winning school, Vernon Terrace Primary School in Northampton receive a new resurfaced play ground for the children.

For further details on how we can help you, please email; or call: 01536 416540