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Now is the time to make those checks.
Potholes occur where an area of the surface has broken up due to general “wear and tear”
but their deterioration can be accelerated by environmental factors
such as frost, heat, and rain. The amount of rain we have had this year
has heightened this aspect of potential cause of surface degradation.
Prevention is the key, any cracks should be sealed with a bitumen sealant, to prevent further deterioration, holes should be repaired correctly,
ensuring the sub-base or “foundation” has not been affected.
Failure to carry out periodic maintenance will no doubt lead
to the costly exercise of total resurfacing of an area and in today’s economic climate this
is not ideal when budgets
continue to be tight!
Prevention is better than cure and it makes for a safer environment for
all concerned. Being prepared for winter also means looking at the
general surfacing to ensure it drains well and does not become an ice rink
in very cold conditions. Clear drains to ensure autumn leaves do not block
because if the water doesn’t drain, the lying water freezes and a potential slip/skid hazard is formed! Now is the time to check your surfaces.
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