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We know that delivering products and solutions to specification and on time is what customers demand today.

Whether it is KBP providing a wide range of roofing products or Phoenix Surfacing creating long lasting surfacing solutions, we know that
we have to continuously be on top
of our game.
KBP Lorry

That means investment in plant, equipment and people.
Bessie Mark 2
Bessie Mark 2 was a key addition to our Surfacing inventory last year
and now she is joined by a new truck which is wearing the branding of
KBP to enable us to deliver roofing materials where they are needed.

The new truck will not be given a
name as Bessie is precious about
being special, but what they both share in common is the evidence that we are not standing still as we continue to
invest in the future.
We also stay ahead of the game with new surfacing and roofing materials that stand the test of time and this is matched by the skills of our surfacing teams and roofing product specialists.

Phoenix Surfacing and KBP: we have the knowledge and know how to create the trust through our quality workmanship and products.
For further details on how we can help you, please email;
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