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The University of Northampton
is in demand, both in terms of
student numbers and from
students whose expectation of
“student life” means providing
a first class environment.

UoN have invested in their Park
Campus infrastructure by creating
Bus Bay
a new bus terminal and parking area for their new fleet of buses
together with a state of the art jet wash system to keep them clean!
Security and safety of the students being paramount to university,
additional CCTV camera’s, floodlighting as well as new pedestrian
crossings were also installed.
This was a challenging project being carried out with minimal disruption to
the running of this busy site;
completed under very tight time scales and all within a predetermined budget.
Phoenix Surfacing was awarded the contract as it has a long and strong track record in undertaking projects of this size and complexity. Health and Safety was a priority with the amount of traffic (pedestrian & vehicular) using the campus while work was in progress.

The project required new macadam road construction,
the erection of new lighting & CCTV; the installation of a new
drainage system, bus shelters, “pelican” crossings, electronic
barrier control systems, concrete works, landscaping, block
paving and line marking which demonstrated the company’s
versatility and expertise.
Bessie took the honours by ensuring all road surfaces were laid to exacting specifications and the team demonstrated their management skills in the planning and implementation of the project. The operatives showed their skill in carrying out the variety of construction techniques required, safely, efficiently and on time.
“This was a complex project delivered in 3 months, on time
and on budget. The success is down to detailed planning, great teamwork and a thorough understanding of people and traffic flow to minimise disruption”
said Phoenix Surfacing’s Joint MD Paul Knighton.
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