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Phoenix Surfacing were instructed by ProLogis to carry out vital culvert
re-placement works on
Slade Brook, Kettering.

Slade Brook is one of the key main rivers that ultimately flows through Kettering adjacent to critical infrastructure, homes and business. The works required careful planning
to ensure that the works could be carried out in a safe manor without increasing flood risk and maintaining important wildlife habitats.

Phoenix Surfacing successfully diverted Slade Brook to allow full access to the culvert and used an innovative temporary water filled dam to allow the
safe diversion of river water.

This technique minimised excavation as the dam could mould itself to the brook profile. Throughout the works Phoenix Surfacing carefully employed pollution control measures, monitored their work methods and the local environment to ensure no pollution of Slade Brook occurred. All works were approved and monitored by the Environment Agency.
JPP Consulting joined forces with Phoenix Surfacing to
ensure the brook diversion, the dam and pollution control measures were designed to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency with regard to potential water flows.

"We have worked over a number of years on projects in which JPP Consulting have been the consulting engineer working on behalf of the client and we have always found them helpful and professional throughout the construction process in terms of design and technical drawing issue; therefore when we needed to involve a specialist engineering consultancy to assist in the project, JPP Consulting were the obvious choice with their expertise in design and experience in dealing with matters involving the Environment Agency" - Alistair Lauder, Phoenix Surfacing

The works were completed on time, budget and to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency and minimal disruption to the local environment.

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