Kettering based surfacing company; Phoenix Surfacing has announced the winner of its Community Schools Project. Following bids from infant and primary schools throughout the county who have an urgent resurfacing work requirement.

Phoenix’s management team evaluated each submission on its merits and the positive impact it would have on the children if the work was carried out during the summer break.

The winning school, Vernon Terrace School in Northampton, has a real problem with an area outside their door that previously had a ‘hard wearing carpet like surface’ which has drastically deteriorated and is now a smelly hazard. It cannot be cleaned and anything that harbours dirt, germs etc; is a potential hazard. It is also breaking off in chunks causing the Teacher to have to cordon off the area (especially in the rain; which it absorbs like a sponge).


Now the children will benefit from having a larger area to play in without hazard and the dire smell when the surface has become wet and begins to dry out.

Phoenix Surfacing Managing Director, Alistair Lauder, said, “This school met every criteria we set and I am delighted we are able to create a sustainable surface for the infants to enjoy whatever the weather”.

In addition to the requested work Phoenix Surfacing also decided that it would be best to resurface the remaining area of the playground so that all of the schools children can benefit from the new surface.

All of the schools who entered a bid did not leave empty handed as Phoenix sent them all a cheque for their school fund in recognition for the time they took in making their submission.


BBC radio Northampton had followed the story from the outset and where there on the day to capture the moment. If you would like to hear that 5 minute piece, click on the player below.

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