Health & Safety

We take great care of the environment, health, safety and the wellbeing of our staff, clients and the public.

As part of our ongoing drive to keep our people safe we ensure we listen to all comments, investigate all incidents and reduce all risks to health and safety. We promote a culture of speaking up to promote wellbeing and identify any risks to our staff and the wider public, stopping any accidents before they happen. To enable this, we have the following procedures:

  • We carry out a medical screening of all employees which is updated annually.
  • We invest in equipment and training to reduce all requirements of manual handling.
  • We operate a return to work process to ensure all employees are healthy before returning to duties.
  • We constantly monitor all of plant and equipment to ensure correct operation is maintained.
  • We carry out an annual “Working in the public eye” seminar for all employees.
  • We make sure all our senior management, supervisors and foremen are SSSTS qualified.
  • All of our staff are 100% CSCS & CPCS qualified.
  • We carry out monthly site audits and checks
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